Wednesday, September 1, 2010

today I started taking away ride privileges

As it stands, Julianna does not get to ride the kiddie motorcycles, the carousel, or the gigantic slide at the Dixie Classic Fair this year due to her behavior.  Jonathan says the best thing about today ending is that you get to try all over again tomorrow.  I hope tomorrow is a better day than today because next goes the fun house.

What?  You don't take away fair rides for misbehavior at your house?


Renee said...

i am w/you. yesterday was a TERRIBLE day for behavior for us. collin lost computer, his ipod and i don't remember what else. today will be better!!! (i hope, at least) good luck!

Whitney said...

i hope (for your sake and hers) she earns them back today with her outstanding behavior! hopefully it will be good for her to get back in the structured school routine next week.

Nanna said...

She has been an angel today! Can she have anything back yet??? :)

Anna Ruth said...

I hate to hear that you are having to do that. It's a horrible feeling that you have to take things away, but you must to teach them lessons of right from wrong. You will look back at this and think, did I really have to do that.

P.S. Have you tried sassy sauce.

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