Saturday, September 25, 2010

up to

Finally.  A weekend at home.

reading: Finishing the Dragon Tattoo series.  Finishing the Hunger Games series.  Starting The Help

anxiously awaiting: The iPads for my classroom.  Yes.  iPads.

laughing: At my husband who was talking to a friend who shared his baby-on-the-way news.  My husband said something along the lines of, "Oh so you guys are going to hire a medoula?"  I am not even kidding.

excited about: The Dixie Classic Fair.  Countdown is on.  Six days.

avoiding: completing progress reports for my students that need to go out on Monday

making: Halloween crafts and monkey bread

What are you up to?


Rhonda said...

hahaha! medoula... way to go Jonathan :)

merritt said...

Doesn't everyone hire a medoula? :)

iPads?! Awesome!

We are getting ready to head to TX a week from today, so I'm packing up my kitchen for the remodel and enjoying college football.

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