Saturday, September 24, 2011

painting pumpkins

I bought some small pumpkins the other day so the kids could paint their hearts out.  Julianna actually wanted me to draw a face on hers so that she could paint it in.  She stressed to me that she wanted it to be SCARY.  I headed to google and searched for images to copy.  I let her pick out the one she wanted and traced it on the pumpkin and then she painted it in.  Josh had so much fun painting his that he screamed when I put it outside to dry.  I ended up also giving him some paper plate to paint as well because he enjoyed it so much and we were approaching meltdown level if I hadn't conceded to letting him use up the rest of the paint we'd poured out.  Anyway, I think they turned out great and it was a fun activity we could do while we were waiting on bedtime to roll around.

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