Monday, September 5, 2011

twenty two months (two weeks late)

Dear Joshua,

Today you are just two months shy of being two years old.  I can't keep up with it anymore and my brain can't do the math very fast when someone asks how old you are. Some days I answer that you're twenty months old but most days I say that you're almost two just to save the trouble of figuring it out.  I can't believe that you're so close to being two when it totally seems like a month or two ago that we were walking around the fair trying to induce labor.

Buddy, I love you so much and it's been a really fun treat to be home with you this summer.  You've gotten very attached to me and while your separation anxiety has gotten better some the last week or so, you still love to be held by your Mama and are hesitant to leave my arms to go to anyone.

You started full-time childcare/preschool a week ago and you've made the transition really well.  You did cry several times when I dropped you off, but a few mornings you haven't cried at all.  You even take a decent nap on the floor mats at school which has completely surprised me. Everyone said you'd be fine and I guess you are.

You still don't know the colors but at least you are starting to learn most of the alphabet song.  It's amazing to hear you sing the words to Jesus Loves Me and You Are My Sunshine before bed each night.  We are working hard on teaching you the traditional God Is Great Blessing.  You have less interest in these things than your sister did, but I'm not worried at all. It's come in due time.

I love that you say "Thanks Welcome!" whenever someone gives you something.  It's like you're so well mannered and the other person is usually too slow for you so you say your part and theirs.  You really do speak well.  I adore that you call the ABCs the ABCDs.  Your preschool teachers have both remarked at how well you talk and on the first day of meeting them one understood you better than I did when you pointed out the Cookie Monster in the room.  Other words we like to hear you to say are Lightning McQueen's Kachow!, Arrrrrrrr Matey's! like a pirate because you say it like Mighty's, and Yook! (Look!).

For the record, it's impossible to resist your big brown eyes when you take my hand in the kitchen and say, "Come play with me, Mommy."

I think you've been cutting some molars the past few weeks or something because you've resorted to biting us again.  You'll come right up to Julianna while she's sitting on the couch and just lean right down and put your little mouth on her feet and chomp down.  Several weeks ago you bit my arm hard enough to leave a bruise on it for a week.  I'm at a loss as to how to stop this and I'm praying that it's just the teeth bothering you and it's something you'll grow out of soon.

I say it every month, but once again I want to acknowledge that you're all boy.  You're rough and tumble with Daddy and you hold your own with Jules.  You love to kick the cat and throw sticks.  The other day you say a Fruit of the Loom commercial on TV and after it went off you asked for "more girls in bathing suits." Heh.

You love being measured on the wall behind your bedroom door and you've grown quit a bit this summer.  Your pajama pants actually fit your little legs now instead of gathering at the ankles.  So it's obvious that you're growing physically, mentally, and emotionally and it's fun to take note of that growth.  It just seems so fast.  Slow down a bit, Buddy, OK?

I wrote most of this letter about two weeks ago and reading back over it now it already seems so out-of-date.  I never published it then because I hadn't quite finished it up.  I hope that's no indication of how neglected you'll be for the rest of your life as the second child.

We love you, Joshy!


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