Thursday, September 22, 2011

twenty three months

Dear Joshy,

Today is actually September 16th and I decided to start this letter a little early because as I type I'm sitting here watching you pretend to talk on the phone to your teachers.  You picked up an old cell phone and held it up to your ear, crooked of course, and said "Hey Ms. Beth! Hey Ms. Kristy! I call you!"  It was simply the cutest thing and when I see you do things like this I want to snatch you up and cuddle you like a baby forever.

We've had a great month.  We've gotten into a routine now and you're doing very well going to school/daycare full-time.  Some mornings you protest, but most mornings you are excited to see your friends Trent and Alex and you tell me about it all the way to school.  That is, after you stop crying because we had to wave bye to Daddy and Jules as they pull up to the drop-off lane at her school.

This month you've cut your two year molars and been a tad grumpy because of that.  You ran a low-grade fever a day or two and also had a runny nose a bit, but that also could be getting back to school and around all of the germs.  It seems that you've grown a foot although when we measure you it only shows that you've grown an inch or so since the beginning of summer.

You are still All Boy and people remark about it frequently.  You're rough and tumble, all about balls and climbing, and you talk incessantly about firetrucks, garbage trucks, skeletons.

This month you've learned the word "scared" and you still don't use it properly all the time, but it's so adorable to hear you say, "I scared."  Usually you say it about anything you don't want to do and that can be rather funny but it definitely makes me want to snatch you up and hug on you.

You've also learned to sing quite a few new songs this month.  Nanna has been trying to teach you "one little, two little, three little witches..." and you've learned several new radio songs from Daddy.  Your teachers have certainly helped you with ABCs and you soak up the words to Jesus Loves the Little Children and Jesus Loves Me almost every night.

You love your lollipops, Joshua.  I wish I had a nickle for every time you asked for one.  The preschool teachers sometimes give you one when I pick you up in the afternoons and you get so excited that you do a little dance.  I can't wait to see your face next month when you get a look at your birthday cake.

The thing that I don't get is why we can't translate that love for lollipops into successful bribery for potty training.  M&Ms worked for your sister, kid. You gotta get it together.  I know, I know, in you're own time.... We have had a few successes this week so it's not all a bust.  Maybe we're getting there.

As I wrap this letter up and head off to bed, I'm sitting here listening to you struggle to breathe in your bed thanks to your stuffy nose.  It seems you're starting to get another little cold and you've got a wimpy little cough going on.  I hope it doesn't turn out to be more, but I do love the fact that colds aren't as hard on you as they were on your sister at this age.  At least you don't throw up with every fever.  Thanks for that, kiddo.

So next month we celebrate.  We eat monkey cake (or Lightning McQueen cake, or dinosaur cake, or Dora cake, you've yet to decide) and we celebrate you growing to two.  We celebrate the joy you bring to everyone around you and we rejoice in the gift God gave us when you were born.

Love you bunches, Buddy.


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