Saturday, September 3, 2011

riding the bus

One of the things I wanted to do with the kids this summer was ride the bus.  I saw it on a list of cheap, fun activities to do with your kids at the beginning of the summer and of course, I never got around to it before school started.  Well, my mom and dad live downtown and Julianna had to stay with mom a day or two before she started school.  Josh had already started and I was having to go in for teacher workdays so Julianna was getting shuffled around everywhere.  Thank goodness for my awesome mother.

They waited for the bus on a sidewalk near my mom's house. Julianna loves to give her a hard time and make awful faces when Nanna tries to take her picture.  Finally the bus came and they went almost all the way to the back to find a seat.  Jules was so excited and I'm sure a little nervous too.

A kind man offered to take their picture together.  My mom's idea was to ride the bus a little ways into the downtown area and find a place for lunch.  You could probably guess that Julianna didn't want to get off the bus.  She wanted to keep riding and didn't want to eat at any of the places my mom suggested.  So they just rode the bus all the way back around and got back off near my mom's house.

Then they drove to Firehouse Subs and had a lunch date together.  Julianna was sweet enough to ask for a fire hat to bring home to her little brother.

Thanks, Mom, for taking my sweet girl on a new adventure!  She had a crazy good time and now she can't stop asking when she's going to get to ride the school bus.  She's lucky to have a Nanna available to do fun things with her.  We love you!

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