Tuesday, December 13, 2011

conversations over dinner

A new girl joined Julianna's class earlier this week and I asked her tonight at dinner how she was liking it.  After she answered I asked Jules which girl in her class she liked best and she said, "There are two.  I like M*** and I***."  So I said, "Okay. Now which boy do you like best?" to which she replied, "You mean which one do I want to kiss?"

Um.  Giant pause.

Jonathan and I both were like, "Nooooooo.  Which boy is nicest? Which one is your friend?"

She sat there for a minute and wouldn't answer so Jonathan asked, "Why do you want to kiss the boys?"

"Because their lips look so good," she replied.

Moral of the story: we're in BIG trouble in about 8 years.  Someone please send help.

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