Friday, May 11, 2012

links i love

  • Information about the awesome places The Hunger Games was filmed.
  • Why can't some place around here do this?  It sounds AWESOME! Basically it's a running club where you meet once a week at a restaurant/pub and go run with a group.  Then you get rewards (running gear and food/beer discounts) based on your number of runs with the group.  Marvelous idea!

  • This recipe, found on Pinterest, is delish. I will definitely make it again soon.
  • This site and these kids... it's heart-wrenching to think some days that I've had such a bad day and my kids are being such brats and then remember these kids with cancer and thank God that my child isn't throwing up from chemo or fighting me about going back to the hospital for a scan.
  • Julianna will be attending this camp this summer.  She is very excited which I find perplexing because she always talks about how she isn't good at throwing or catching or doing activities without getting hurt. But I gave her the choice of several camps and that's the one she chose.  I think it's going to be a good one too!
  • Another cool find from Pinterest: I'm going to try to do this sometime this weekend.
  • Congratulations, Lucy!

Can you give me another link to love this week?

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merritt said...

My friend did the font thing last year and I've always thought it looked pretty cool. I need to try it out.

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