Monday, May 14, 2012

the things my kids say

Josh calls Lucky Charms "Chunky Charms" and the first time it took me a good two minutes and asking at least ten times to figure out what he was saying.

He also says, "Mom, your legs are SKAT-chee!" and it takes him about ten seconds to get the last word out as he carefully tries to pronounce it.

And of course, there's still his set of "hunk beds." I've mentioned this before, but I just might die of sadness when he stops saying that.

Julianna, out of the blue in the car this weekend declared, "I know what I want to do this summer! I want to lay on the beach and eat watermelon!"

And another day recently in the car I told Julianna that it was a wonder she had any friends with the way she talked to people.  She replied very seriously, "Chillax, Mom!  I have tons of friends!"

These are things I want to remember.

1 comment:

Nanna said...

Oh, I want to lay on the beach with her and eat watermelon!

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