Thursday, February 14, 2013

Dad, Can I have some of your marshmallows?

Last Thursday we enjoyed an evening at the circus.  The kids were pretty excited about it and I got them to do extra chores by encouraging them in the direction of "you may want some extra spending money when we go to the circus!"  More chores = more circus money.  It totally worked!  Win-win!

Let me back up and mention that the morning we went Josh had some random stomach thing that made him projectile vomit across the kitchen.  He was staying home with my mom that day anyway because the babysitter had scheduled an appointment day so it wasn't a big deal and he seemed to feel fine despite the fact that he (understandably) wouldn't eat all day.

By dinner time we grabbed a quick bite to eat in Greensboro before we went to the circus and I was excited that Josh decided he was hungry enough to eat two slices of cheese pizza.  I sent my mom this picture and said, "Hope he doesn't puke at the circus!"  [Spoiler alert: we were fortunate and there was no more puke to be seen.]  Julianna kept asking Jonathan for more of his marshmallows when she really meant to say mashed potatoes.

So our tickets were free (thanks Piedmont Parent!) and we've already covered that I'm cheap so you know I cringed when we had to pay $8! (EIGHT DOLLARS!) to park at the Coliseum.  But, I thought, eight dollars isn't too bad for a trip to the circus.

Here's the fam waiting for the show to begin.

Then when we looked at the souvenirs and the dumb light-up spinner thingys that were twenty bucks in years past had now gone up to $22 and my kids had each brought a twenty dollar bill. I could have been a nice mom and gone ahead and shelled out my own money, but no. I'm cheap and I convinced them that they each could pay eleven and pick out one to share. They actually agreed to that.

We saw an elephant paint.

We saw clowns right beside us or sitting behind us tapping us on the shoulders with their giant pokey fingers. 


We saw the tightrope bicycles.

We saw tigers.

We saw the youngest girl to fly out of a cannon.

And then we saw this, which in my exhaustion I probably found to be more funny than it actually was.

Then we went home. 

Julianna was most impressed with the fact that she stayed awake until 10:30 on a school night.  I was most impressed with the fact that we won free tickets and still paid $30 for three hours at the circu.  Jonathan was most impressed with the fact that he could navigate Greensboro traffic on the highway in the rain without cussin. 

The end.

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