Saturday, February 23, 2013

mom, the only problem is that March is Carolina blue!

Jonathan and I ran the Wounded Warrior 5k on Saturday morning (in 37 degree rainy weather) and after we took the kids to the mall for nothing in particular.  Mostly we just wanted to get them out of the house.

Walking in, I casually mentioned to Julianna that she could get her ears pierced which to my surprise, she eagerly agreed.  We discussed it over lunch at the food court.  We walked right over to Claire's after eating and watched a little girl get hers pierced.

After watching that girl get them done without dying, Julianna hopped up in the chair and the girl marked the dots.  You could tell Jules was nervous but she does great at the doctor's office getting shots so I knew she could do it.

The girl gave her the choice of doing them one at a time or waiting for the other employee to finish ringing up a line of customers and getting them both at the same time.  I don't think Julianna understood but she said, "go ahead."  So she did.

Here's the first one:

And the second was a bit worse:

But she did it!  And she was so, so happy afterward!

She got home and wanted to do Google Hangouts with all of the family members and she's going to be a hot mess at school this week because she thinks she's something else, but I also happen to think she's adorable with her aquamarine birthstone gems.

I just can't believe my little girl has grown up so much!

Here's the after pictures:

Ladies, when did you get your ears pierced?


merritt said...

So cute.

And she looks JUST like you. Very pretty.

I was almost 10 when I got mine done. It was s huge surprise since I had been told it wasn't going to be allowed until I was 13.

RLR said...

The first time, I was in 2nd grade. That didn't last. The second time, I was 10 - and have had them pierced ever since. So, I keep telling my daughter she can do it when she's 10. Of course, she wants them done now! (She's 6 1/2)

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