Wednesday, February 20, 2013


"Mama, did you know I look just like Harry Potter?"


You know February is when all of the Liberty Tax service people dress up and stand on the street corners, right?  "Mama, I see the Liberty of a Statue!"


Looking at a stamp on his hand Josh said, "Mama, why do octupuses squirt ink?"  Who knew this boy was so smart?


Julianna received a special heart box of chocolates for Valentine's from a boy in her class.  He gave everyone else in the class a normal Valentine card but tried to slip the candy box into Julianna's bag without her seeing.  Of course she found out and when I asked her if she thanked him she said, "Yes, Mom, but I don't have a crush on him!"


In the drive-through at McDonald's Josh pointed to the picture of the Shamrock shake and asked, "Mom, have you ever had one of those?"  When I told him I hadn't he advised me not to try it because it tasted like it had boogers in it.  Then when I asked him how he knew that he replied very seriously, "Because I had one a long time ago before I was born."

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