Friday, February 21, 2014

by the numbers

Today, by the numbers:

70 number of school days we are supposed to have left this year
74 number of school days we will actually have thanks to all of the snow make-up days
18 number of miles I'm running tomorrow
40 number of pounds my son now weighs at 4 years old
70 number of pounds my daughter now weighs at almost 8
8 and 80 number of years old and number of pounds she has to be to ride in the car without a car seat
2 number of fights at my school today
2 number of babies that will be born into our family this weekend (my sister-in-law is in labor!)
8 number of points UNC beat Duke by in men's basketball last night
15 number of medals my country (France) has in our family Olympics game
6 number of long runs left until my marathon
4 number of gymnastics classes I've sat through this week

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