Friday, February 14, 2014

ten ways to beat cabin fever

If you're still cooped up with kids for Snomageddon 2014 and school's out for the third day in a row, you might enjoy some of these ideas that we've had fun with this week in efforts to beat cabin fever. Feel free to add your own ideas in the comments and please pin this post if you found it useful. Thanks for your support, friends!

Some ideas for beating cabin fever:

1. Write thank you notes to the mailman.

2. Dig through your closets until you find something your kids haven't seen in a while (or ever! like old pom poms from high school) and let them be entertained for hours.

3. Sort some toys and make a bar graph with Legos.  Here's the file I made if you want to use it. Free and printable. Plus, you'll be teaching your child valuable sorting, counting, and graphing math skills in the process.

4. Get in the kitchen and cook something!

5. Have each child cut out pictures from a magazine of small things they might see around your house. Don't tell them what it is for. Have them glue five or six pictures to a sheet of paper and then switch. Tell them their mission is to go as quickly as possible through the house and gather all of their items. Whoever is first wins!

6. Put 'em in the tub with a can of shaving cream. When they're done playing you can turn the water on and give them a bath and you've got a jump start on the bedtime routine for this evening!

7. Have your children make a power point presentation about themselves.

8. It's Old School, but it works! Play musical chairs.

9. Play moon and Earth. Turn out the lights and lie on your backs with 2 flashlights (or ideally a flashlight and a laser pointer). One person shines the larger light slowly around the ceiling in large circles and the other person can rotate the little light in smaller circles around the larger light. It is the moon orbiting the Earth.

10. See how many M&Ms you can pick up with a straw in one minute. Make it even more fun by racing a family member.

Have fun indoors and enjoy the extra time with your kids!

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