Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Josh, watching a commercial for hair loss products: What's so great about hair anyway?!
Jules: What? You want to be bald, Josh?
Josh: ??


"Holy cheese puffs! It stinks in here!"


"Jules, there's a teacher in there. I don't quite realize her."


Conversation in my car:
(And I am not even making this up)

Josh: (looking at a package of chocolate covered blueberries) Mom, I can read!
Me: You can?
Josh: Yes! It says on the package that the reason these blueberries are so dried is because they were made in 1915!
Jules: (sarcastically) 1915? Really, Josh?!
Josh: Yeah, the 1915s.
Jules: Josh, Martin Luther King, Jr wasn't even born then!


Josh: It's not fair! Peppa Pig got chocolate cake, ice cream, AND soda!
Jules: He must really want to be a pig.

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Unknown said...

Thanks for the post, I needed a good laugh.

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