Friday, July 25, 2014

that was the best Panera sandwich I've ever had

Today I am sitting in an airplane seat but not going anywhere. No, I'm not stuck on a runway waiting for other planes to takeoff and no, I'm not waiting for the weather to clear. It's a pretty interesting story, really.

My mom texted my sister and I after she got home from church one night. Someone had given her a flyer advertising the need for test subjects for an airline seat test. The study required 6.5 hours of sitting in an airplane seat and evaluating the comfort every fifteen minutes. They provide complimentary lunch and pay each test subject $200.

Wait. What? $200? We signed up immediately.

My parents kept the kids and we went to sit. Sit we did. And we sat some more. Hurt my bottom, but not enough to refuse the $30/hour.

We mostly just read and surfed the internet. I tried not too spend my $200 by shopping online. After all, we're having car trouble so it's looking like I may need that $200 to go towards a partial car payment. Ugh. Yes, that's life. Easy come easy go, right?

Have you done anything fun to make money lately?

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