Tuesday, July 15, 2014


I was complaining about other drivers one day in the car and Josh just told me, "Stop worrying about other people's probability, Mom. Let them go to jail!"


A different day all of us were in the car and Julianna had a headache so Jonathan and I suggested to Josh that we talk quietly so not to disturb her. He simply said, "OK dad I won't talk at all."  Too good to be true we thought... we'll see how long it lasts.

Sure enough, after about three or four minutes Julianna started singing to herself.  Josh looked over at her and said, "Sshhhhh! Jules has a headache!"


Josh told me one day recently, "Mama that time I got into your tummy I had some security cameras so I could see what was happening. All I remember is that when I was a baby and stuck in your tummy did you go in the ocean?"


We went to the main library for a kid activity about science journals. The kids were supposed to walk around and make some observations about the objects that were laid out on the tables. Then they were to write and draw them in their journals.

Julianna didn't want to participate, but she walked around and watched. Eventually she pointed out the paintings on the wall to Josh and when we came home and showed Jonathan the partially completed science journal I had to explain that there would have been more written inside except that our children were too busy making observations over the exposed breasts in the paintings on the walls. Sheesh!


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