Friday, December 19, 2014

links i love

Santa 'N' Winston is a Secret Santa that buys gift certificates to local stores and hides them around town for people in the Dash to find. Local peeps, you can follow him on his Facebook page and join in the fun. Thanks for spreading Christmas cheer, Santa!


Things are Looking Up
I recently shared with my coworkers that I struggle with a bit of on and off again depression and anxiety and ever since then five other people have approached me sharing their similar personal stories. It's such a taboo topic and people don't really talk about it publicly. Even I regretted saying it once it came out of my mouth, but I'm starting to think a little differently now. I want to share this link of the current sermon series at my church. These have been some of the best messages I've heard in a while and I encourage you to check them out. Really good stuff, folks!


Candy Cane Oreo Pie?
Yes, please.


I'm not a DIYer but I have dreams of becoming one. (Standard response to myself: After the marathon.) At any rate, Beckie created the cutest hallway cart and you can find out how here. Seriously, very cute.


Thuy's Berry Basket series is one of the most creative gift wrapping ideas I've seen this year. Get five gift ideas wrapped in a simple and adorable berry basket here.

What are you loving lately?

Also, I still need book recommendations and giveaway entries here.

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