Wednesday, December 31, 2014

my {running} year in review and 2015 preview

Accomplishments in 2014:
I ran 1200 miles!!!
I ran for 255 hours and 18 minutes.
I burned 138,829 calories on my runs.
I ran one 5k.
I ran one 25k.
I ran one 30k.
I ran two half marathons.
I ran two full marathons.
I set three new PRs this year.

Goals for 2015:
Run local!
In 2015 I hope to finally beat a 30 minute 5k.
I want to better my marathon time by about 15 minutes.
I want to better my half marathon time by about 10 minutes.
I want to run 2015 miles with my running partner (1007.5 each).
I'd like to run a 5k with Julianna and Joshua if possible.

Races on my calendar:
January 3 - Frosty 25k
March 29 - City of the Arts Half
May 2 - Carolina Brewsfest Half
October 10 - Cannonball Half
November 14 - Richmond Marathon
December 5 - Mistletoe Half

I'd say it's been a pretty phenomenal year, but something tells me it was just the warm up!

Thanks for your support, friends!

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