Friday, December 12, 2014

you be the judge

Sometimes he still surprises me with exactly how smart he is.

Josh has had really, really dry skin. He's been washing his hands a lot and the dry winter air has made his eczema really bad. His hands have hurt so badly that he's cried a time or two because of it.

This week Jonathan lathered him up in Eucerin one night after bath and he wanted to scratch his nose but since Jonathan thought he was picking it he told him not to. He said, "You've got lotion on your hands!" Josh asked, "Why can't I scratch my nose if there's lotion on my face and on my hands?!" Jonathan conceded that he had a good point.

After that I went to read him a story and he announced, "Huh? I guess Dad finally found a way to make me stop biting my toenails off!"

And then after the story: "Mom, how are you going to tell me to lay down and go to sleep if I have lotion on my face and we don't want it to get on the pillow?!!"

OK, so maybe it's not just that he's so smart, but more that he has such a smart mouth.

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