Thursday, March 5, 2015

10 ways you know Spring is coming

ONE: You notice you're wearing your hair up every single day. Even though you still have on a scarf. And possibly a light sweater.
TWO: The daffodils are poking up, looking around confused. 
THREE: Your runs no longer require a jacket, gloves, and a hat. And they don't give you frostbite.

FOUR: Chick-fil-A has tulips on every table. You might get jealous a bit.

FIVE: People start planning their summer vacations. And count the days until they get to eat at Margaritaville again.

SIX: You use your free time to order tank tops and bathing suits. Then you try to stop thinking about those Girl Scout cookies.
SEVEN: You drink more water naturally. Because you're hot. In both ways. 
EIGHT: Basketball is still on your mind.

NINE: The farmer's markets start popping back up.
TEN: You get to work and the sun is already up. You're going to miss taking all of those sunrise pictures, but it sure will be nice to not have to get up before the birds.

What signs have you seen that Spring is on it's way?
What are you most excited about this Spring?
Leave me some comment love.

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