Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Nine is eye rolling.
Nine likes to wear make-up.
Nine makes choices that get her grounded from electronics every once in a while.
Nine says, "Eh" a lot.
Nine loves to read big books.
Nine no longer eats kids meals. Ever.
Nine doesn't like the teeny tiny gap in between her front two teeth.
Nine is pretty good at multiplication.
Nine is already aware of exactly how much sleep she needs and when to go to bed even without parents telling her to.
Nine is learning piano.
Nine doesn't interrupt.
Nine loves to wrestle with her brother but still helps him on occasion.
Nine is memorizing scripture.
Nine loves Hershey bars and pomegranate seeds and tacos.
Nine is good at the monkey bars and can easily run two miles straight.
Nine wants contacts and a cell phone.
Nine makes being a Mama easy.
Nine has my heart.

1 comment:

Beth Cotell said...

Happy Birthday to your number nine!

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