Monday, March 16, 2015

nine year old birthday party {+ giveaway winner}

For Julianna's birthday this year we invited a few of her closest friends to spend the day with us. We did exactly what Julianna wanted to do (well, with the exception of ziplining... but that can wait for another time).

We went ice skating,

picked out treats at a local bakery,

and ate dinner at a Japanese steakhouse.

I think my Doodlebug had a pretty good birthday celebration and I think these were fun activities for nine year old girl's. Julianna's actual birthday isn't another week or so and we'll celebrate with family then.


Congratulations to the giveaway winner in this contest. Suzanne B, I hope you enjoy your copy of the book!

1 comment:

Zannie Borgia said...

Woohoo! A winner in my birthday! I can't wait to read it. Thanks!

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