Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Jules: What's acceleration?
Me: Acceleration or Exhilaration?
Jules: A-C-C-E-L...
Me: OK, that's a speed boost, getting faster, increasing speed
Jonathan: shaking his head
Me: It's not? What is it then?
Jonathan: Speed is distance over time and acceleration is changing distance over time but increasing. Deceleration would be decreasing.
Me: Yes, that's what I said. Increasing speed.
Jonathan: Well, now what's velocity?
Me: A dinosaur.
Jonathan: I thought you were going to reference Felicity, the TV show from the 90s.


We were eating chicken tenderloin for dinner discussing what it was and Julianna says, "We can just get some duck tape (not chicken tape, duck tape) and put it back together."


"Why's it called a treadmill?"
"I don't know, Josh. We can look it up when you're done."
"I think that's because it's dreadful... although I'm still not sure what dreadful means."


"Graylyn S Tat, Graylyn S Tat, Graylyn..."
"What is she saying?"
"It's just something I'm going to look up on Google maps when we get home."


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