Thursday, April 12, 2007

the case of the disappearing and reappearing blogger

What a busy week this has been! And an even busier weekend is coming up.

Friday night my sister is having a housewarming party. I volunteered to bring veggies/dip/chips for that so I've got to go to the grocery store tonight and put that all together tomorrow.

I have a 10K to run on Saturday and I've been slacking on my training. I hope that I can do it. Actually, I know that I can. But I hope that I do. Does that make a bit of sense? My brain is fuddled this morning. The most I have run at one time lately is 3.1 miles ang this race is, of course, double that. YIKES!

Saturday is also my mom's birthday. We are getting together with family that evening for a dessert smorgasboard. (And she's going to LOVE her gift!) My sister and I have decided that for every mile we actually run on Saturday morning, we'll get to sample one dessert that night. Even more incentive to run all 6.2! Mmmmmm.... I'm drooling already. I'm going to make some lemon squares and strawberry shortcake for that on Saturday afternoon while the hubby is at a car show.

Sunday I don't have too much planned besides church and naturally a little me time if I can get it. Then we'll hopefully have some time to watch a little Friends.

Ahhhhh... working for the weekend.

Anyway, Jules is feeling much better now and I think she's completely over the cold. A good nap yesterday and the past couple of night's sleep has certainly helped.

So here's something for you to enjoy today. I was cleaning off my mom's camera for a few hours last night and this morning and I came across tons of cute OLD pictures. Look at how much my baby has changed!

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