Friday, May 11, 2007

babies, babies everywhere

I know you're tired of hearing me say this, but I know so many pregnant people and people with young babies now. Two of my friends are probably going to have their babies in the next week - one is due this week and the other is being induced (twins - she's already made it to 37 weeks!). Two of my other friends from college are due in August. The funny thing about that is that both of them are having girls and both couples have chosen the name Addison.
Also, some of our other friends came over on Friday night (two with babies and one pregnant). Here are some pictures of those adorable little boys. Then last night we took another couple of friends some dinner. They just got home from the hospital with their premie last week. He was due May 30th but born on March 22nd and (this obviously goes without saying) I saw him tonight for the first time and he was so tiny! I was almost afraid to hold him. He made the tiniest little grunts and whines. Anyway, I guess there's still something in the water around here.

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