Wednesday, May 9, 2007

small change

This month's small change challenge is to give blood, sign up for the bone marrow registry, or donate money to the Red Cross. Since I regularly donate blood, today I researched bone marrow donations at the The National Marrow Donor Program website. It turns out that there is a fee for registration, but during Thanks Mom Week, May 7 - 21, you "can join online for free, while funding remains." For online registration click here. To read about the donation process click here.

As Swistle recently pointed out, "it isn't as if they'll be calling you every other week for more marrow: as I understand it, matches with non-family-members are rare. You register just in case you could be a one in a million for somebody else." It does take about twenty minutes to register, but that's a small sacrifice for what could be a big way to help someone in need. I encourage you to sign up this week too.

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