Tuesday, May 1, 2007

how was your night?

I got my first ever massage tonight. It was scrum-didly-umptious.

Lately I have been obsessively conservative about spending money. I mean out-of-character conservative. Usually I spend around $200 on clothes each time I go to the outlets at the beach and when we went this past weekend I spent $0. zilch. Nothing. I’ve also been deleting the sale emails I get and throwing away the coupons/catalogs/flyers from the mail each day before I even look at them. I guess it’s in anticipation of quitting my job. Or of having to pay for preschool next year. But it’s also because we have wiped our bank account lately. And the fact that our Sunday school class is doing a financial planning study the next couple of months so it’s fresh on the brain. But anyway, I haven’t been spending any money. Get it? Ok good.

All of that to say that after tonight I am seriously considering signing up for a monthly massage. It was that good. It was something valuable that I could totally see giving myself that would really be a treat. It would be something totally for me that would relieve tension and stress and relax me. Not to mention no baby could be tended to during a massage, right? Nice. Now I have to convince the husband.

Also, did anyone see Blake earlier tonight on American Idol? I mean WOW. That was awesome. And Simon? Kissing Lakesha on the lips? That’s some good TV watching right there.

All in all not a bad ending to an otherwise crappy day.

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