Tuesday, May 8, 2007


Along with this decision comes choices.
Post what you would decide in the comments.

Preschool choices

Choice #1:

tuition = $165/month w/$65 registration (SAVES $15/month)
$3.50/day for lunch bunch (SAVES $10/month)
12 minute drive (SAVES 45 minutes/month)
13 kids per room/3 teachers per room
someone we know teaches 4 y.o. class there

currently only Tu/Th available - wait list #1 - very good chance of being accepted
no music class until 2 y.o.
smelled a poopy diaper on one kid during the visit
rooms, playground not as nice
first Monday of the month lunch bunch is not available
smaller preschool - not as organized program
classes start later (Tuesday after Labor Day)
J would be in the only toddler class they have - therefore a wider age range

Choice #2:

highly recommended to me
art class once a week
music class twice a week
nice school
nice playground
8 kids per room/2 teachers per room
J would be in the older of 2 toddler classes - therefore with kids a little closer to her age
classes start in August

17 minute drive (45 minutes more/month)
tuition = $180/month w/$65 registration fee ($15 more/month)
$4/day for lunch bunch ($10 more/month)

Bottom Line
One would save money ($25/month) and time (45 minutes/month) in the long run. The other would cost more money ($25/month) and time (45 minutes/month) in the long run. Although one seems more superior than the other, we'd have to sacrifice more for it and ultimately I know that J would be fine at either place - they are both satisfactory, safe, happy places for her.

Which preschool would you choose?
Choice #1
Choice #2
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Mandy said...

I would pick choice 2.

mds said...

Two sounds great, like the cool place to go.

However, one thought I had would be to put J at #1 and then put the extra $ you save every month into a fund for her to provide money for private school edu or college edu later in life. If you think both places are good, I'd go with the cheaper one and one that saves time.

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