Saturday, August 8, 2009

Ellie/Josh update

I had an OB appointment on Wednesday and my parents and sister were kind enough to take Julianna to Chapel Hill to a few shows at the Planetarium. (Don't worry. We'd given Jules specific instructions before she left to make the Wolfpack sign and howl plenty whenever she saw or heard the word "Tarheel.") I knew the appointment was going to be a little on the long side since I had to do the one hour glucose tolerance test for gestational diabetes so it worked out well for them to have Jules for the day.

Well, we had another ultrasound scheduled since last month the baby was measuring a little on the big side so after straightening out some confusion with the u/s techs and nurses we got to go back and do the scan.

It's always nice to get another peek at the little babe who was still measuring a little big at about 30w2d (supposed to be 28w6d) and 3.5 pounds (average for that gestational age is 2.5 pounds). It's not anything to worry too much about now, just monitor.

My blood pressure was back to a nice normal number (120/70) and I'd only gained 2 pounds in the last four weeks so that was great. I have about 10.5 weeks left now and I am hoping to not go over 40 pounds total weight gain. I think I can do it but it's going to be difficult. I've already gained around 28 I think.

I spoke with a nurse on Thursday who called to tell me that my glucose test score was 142 and their cutoff is 140 so now I have to go back on Monday to do the three hour glucose test. That means I'll have to arrange yet another babysitter which is frustrating because I feel like I keep having to inconvenience other people, but anyway, she said that I'd have to drink the glucose stuff and then have my blood drawn every hour for three hours afterwards. I won't be able to leave the waiting room in between draws and I can't eat or drink anything besides water from midnight on the night before.

I'm not looking forward to it and I'm hoping that everything comes back OK with this test. The nurse acted like this time it would probably be fine since my results were only 2 points over the limit, but she said I still had to come in and do it because I was over their cutoff number.

I also have to get the darn Rhogam shot that they forgot to give me on Wednesday because of my O negative blood type.

Sometimes I think pregnancy can be such a hassle and then I realize how easy I have it compared to others who've had much greater complications during their pregnancies.

I am still thanking God regularly for the blessing of this baby and praying for it's health. I know that we are truly fortunate.


Southern Savvy said...

Wow - only 10.5 weeks left? It will go quickly but not quickly enough right? I just hit the 20 week half way mark.

merritt said...

Man! You are jumping way ahead of me! :) Good luck with your 3 hr. I have my 1 hr in 3 weeks.

Jack Miller said...

Jules did howl like a wolf a few times, but she also walked through a beautiful campus, ate lunch at Sutton's Drugs and toured an incredible basketball museum. I think she is close to making her decision.

kelly b said...

courtney-so sorry to hear a/b your 142 :( i would totally dread a 3 HR TEST!!!!! ugh! can't they just say one way or the other w/ the one hour test? luckily (probably unluckily cause i will fail and they know it) i will have to take just a 1 hr. i have o neg too!!! and those shots HURT bad! so glad you got to see the babe!!! :) and good for you about the weight thing. i am trying not to think about it myself.

Anna Ruth said...

Hope your test tomorrow goes well. We will be thinking about you.

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