Monday, August 3, 2009

yep, Mom of the Year Award here I come

We ran to Wal-Mart Saturday night to pick up something pretty quickly and as we were walking to the car it looked like a thunderstorm was approaching and the sky was covered in dark clouds. I pointed up to one particular cloud and told Julianna that it looked like a mermaid tail. As she looked up I opened the car door right smack into her face. Way to go, Mom! Now she has a nice bruise under her left eye.

When we stopped at McDonald's halfway home from the beach the next day we saw a little girl with a bandage under her eye. Jules pointed it out to me and said something like, "Mother, look! That girl's eye is bleeding!" I replied, "I see it. It's not bleeding though it does look like she got hurt pretty bad. What do you think happened to her?" Julianna answered right away, "I think her Mother did it."

Gee. Thanks kid.


Ashley said...

Oh we've all had those moments. When Bethany was 7 months she dropped her soother. I was holding her and when I leaned down to get it proceeded to smash her head into the table corner. She had a goose egg and black bruise for 2 weeks.

Hope she's feeling better soon!

kelly b said...

awesome courtney...way to go! i am TOTALLY kidding. she is seriously too funny for words.

Anna Ruth said...

Those are the moments that make us look back and smile. You have one sweet girl.

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