Wednesday, August 26, 2009

first it was an obsession with water balloons, now this

We spent the better part of Sunday afternoon watching Julianna and Light play outside in the sprinklers. They had a blast! Julianna, for some reason, kept singing the Mail Song from Blue's Clues and Light would chase the water and jump and bark at it. It was pretty entertaining. Plus, the grass really appreciated the drink of water.

I know it still won't cool off for a while but I am ready for it. It is not fun being pregnant in August. Nevertheless, we have really enjoyed the last few days of the hot summer before school starts back.


merritt said...

If it's over 90, I refuse to leave the house. This plan will only work well for a few more days until I start working again, but I've enjoyed it.

Anna Ruth said...

I love water balloons! She looks so cute.

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