Friday, August 14, 2009

where does the time go?

Perhaps I've been a little absent from blogging this week. I don't have any really good excuses, but a bunch of little lame ones. Hope I haven't been missed too much.

Monday I had my three hour glucose tolerance test which - oh my goodness - was disgusting. Much, much worse than the one hour test. Plus I had to be stuck for blood draws four times. The last time she couldn't get blood to come so she tried a different spot, but the first four sticks were in the same spot. Ouch!

I also had to get the rhogam shot (which evidently they don't even call the rhogam shot anymore). That is one pain-in-the-butt (literally) shot. I am glad that I won't have to do it again until I'm in the hospital. It's the dang band-aid that bothers me the most anyway.

By Tuesday at closing time when the doctor's office hadn't called me to let me know the results of the bloodwork I called them to find out myself. Turns out everything was normal. Hip hip hooray! Praise God!

You all know I didn't want to have to try avoiding KK lemon-filled doughnuts for the next ten weeks.

Tuesday we went to the last free kids movie of the summer, The Tale of Desperaux. I also spent quite a bit of time working in the nursery and trying to clean out some of the junk that we've been storing in there over the past year or so. It's taken much more time than I anticipated. I thought I was a lot closer to being done than I am. At least I'm making progress. Once I get everything out of there that doesn't belong I can start washing baby clothes and getting the closet organized. It's a fun, but tedious process.

My dear cousin is actually throwing a baby shower for me on Sunday. Is that weird? Honestly? Do you think it's tacky to have a second baby shower? I feel so badly about her doing it and for the guests who've already gotten me baby stuff once. It is a diaper and dinner shower though so I am definitely pretty excited about it. It will be a huge help to have diapers already stocked up for a long, long time and dinners or gift cards ready as well.

Wednesday and Thursday I spent running around town doing various unnecessary things. I've been to Target more times this week than I care to admit. Plus, Julianna and I wanted to decorate T-shirts so that required visits to two craft stores and of course we also went by the library twice this week.

I have had one disappointment and a few good leads on jobs this week as well. Monday I found out that the one job that I really, really wanted in my system (actually at the elementary school right down the street) was filled. However, with the passing of the NC state budget at the end of last week several systems were able to post new job listings. I have chased several down that were filled rather quickly and I have possible leads for a few others that are not yet filled.

I can't begin to explain how nervous I am about that fact that teachers are going back to work in most counties early next week and I still don't have any solid leads, but I am trusting that God still has a plan for my life even if I can't see it.

I have already registered to take NC's teaching certification exam to extend my certification from just grades 6-12 to all grades. That test will be September 12th so I definitely have some prepping to do for that. I am also strongly considering taking the GRE shortly after that and enrolling in a masters degree program.

Let's see... what else has been going on? Oh yeah. I have made plans to get Julianna in a new preschool for this year and I have also registered her for a dance/tumbling class once a week. She has been talking about school a lot lately and I know that she is excited. She told me a week or so ago that she missed the tree named Lucy at her school. It was so sweet.

Jonathan and I have been in desparate need of some quiet time together so he arranged to ship Julianna off to his mom's house for a few nights while we spend the weekend at a fabulous fancy schmancy hotel nearby. We're having a nice dinner out one night and probably going to go see The Time Traveler's Wife on Saturday. I am so excited I can hardly stand it! This will be the last big fling for a while for us and the baby is due right at our anniversary so this weekend will sort of be a celebration of the last seven years. I'll try to post some pictures or something to rub it in. You know, in all the spare kid-free time I'll have this weekend. Heh.

Have a great Friday everyone!

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Anna Ruth said...

I'm so glad to hear about the test. What a nice break to have some time just with your husband. Enjoy!

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