Friday, April 1, 2011

at least I didn't give her 80s bangs

When I fixed Julianna's hair yesterday morning I randomly decided to put it up in pigtail knots (you know, basically two loopy ponytails on either side)  She promptly started whining about it and she normally doesn't really do that so I was kinda surprised.  She let's me put her hair up and ordinarily doesn't complain about it.  Yeah, she might take it down before the end of the day but she usually doesn't request one particular style or object to me putting it up a certain way.

So yesterday when she first objected, I just ignored her like a nice mommy.  :)  We continued getting ready and as we put her shoes on she complained again.  I asked her if they were hurting her head and she explained that she was just afraid the "girls" would make fun of her and laugh at her hair.  So I took the loops out.

Even later still when we were getting ready to get into the caar she told me again that she didn't like her hair and didn't want to wear it that way.  She was almost to the point of tears, really whining about it.  It turns out she didn't want the pigtails at all.  She thought that people would laugh at her.

I took the pigtails out and put it back in one ponytail instead.

For the record, let me just say that the "girls" Julianna was referring to are our babysitter's daughters.  To my knowledge they have never made fun of Jules or laughed at her.  They are the sweetest girls and Julianna adores them.

I guess I am just in shock that my newly-turned five year old is already worrying what people think of her hairstyle.  I should get used to it, right?

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