Friday, April 22, 2011

eighteen months

Dear Joshua,

Today you are eighteen months old.  Not much longer and we'll have to start counting your birthdays in years.  You're getting so big!

We've had such an eventful month this time around.  We had a quick beach trip during which you said "pool" the whole time. You had your first big fall followed by a trip to the Emergency Room for a busted lip and then a couple of weeks later you fell off the playground equipment one day.   You went on many bike rides and to several birthday parties with us.  You're generally really happy just going with the flow.

You're still hit or miss in the eating department.  Sometimes you go days without eating anything but an inch of banana and some yogurt, other days you'll eat a hot dog, cheese, lots of fruit, a few carrots and green beans and then want to dip some chips in guacamole and lick the guacamole off.  Most days you're pretty picky about eating though and it's a constant battle at meal time.  Definitely my least favorite time of day with you.

Joshy, you're so very different than your sister in the fact that you are very tactile and very active.  You naturally know how to throw a ball and can't sit still for a minute.  You still have to be restrained in all car seats, strollers, grocery carts,and high chairs.  If we don't buckle you in you climb right out.  Your sister was a climber at this age too and I'll never forget the day I walked into the kitchen to see her standing on top of the table for the first time.  Another difference I've noticed in the two of you is that she loved to line things up in rows.  She would spend many minutes sitting in one place lining up her toys or other objects.  You on the other hand, walk around the kitchen and point at little piles of dirt on the floor and tell me proudly, "Mess!"  You do love to sweep though, so I guess that makes up for it.

This morning I took you and your sister to the bounce place and while you've been before, this is the first time I've really gotten to see you enjoy it.  You had an absolute BLAST.  You climbed your heart our and you jumped without your feet coming off the floor.  You raced to keep up with the big kids, never blinking an eye when one of them knocked you over and you fell flat on your back.  I love that you're getting big enough to enjoy things like this, but I still relish the baby things you do too.  Like when you come and back up to sit down in my lap for help putting your shoes on.

You continue to adore your sister and totally copy everything she does.  At the Easter Egg hunt yesterday she would sling her basket one way and then you would do the same; she would sling it the other way and you'd quickly copy.  When we go swimming at the Y you watch her with longing and you want to do what she does very badly, but you're still a little afraid.

This month your vocabulary has expanded a lot and like most 18 month old's your "uh unh" has changed to "No!"  You say so many other words though that it doesn't bother me too much.  Your favorite things to say are "fire truck" (which you say like "dump truck") and policeman (which you say like "mi man").  We still try to get you to say banana all the time though because it's just so hilarious.  You've also finally started to say "Jules" instead of sissy and you've begun to say your own name as well.  I love it.  New words also include but are not limited to car, egg, back hoe, flip flop, candy, cookie, rabbit, drink, cup, chair, hair, Bella, beach, pool, broom, upstairs, church, and bar (like cereal bar).  My favorite thing you say is a phrase you often say when you're excited about something.  For instance, I may say to you, "Josh, do you want to go outside and see the doggie?" and you respond very enthusiastically, "Ohhhh BABY!"

You go to the doctor next week for your check up and we'll see exactly how much you've grown.  You've definitely gotten a lot taller and I don't think you've lost any weight even though your belly is smaller than it was.

There are so many things about this age that I want to capture pictures of in my mind forever.  Your hair is getting fluffier and your eyes are just as brown as ever.  [One of them still leaks tears all the time, but doesn't seem to bother you.]  Your arms swing delightfully by your side when you run and your bottom twists back and forth.  You also do the most adorable penguin walk and charm anyone in your presence. 

I have a feeling that last little bit won't ever change.

I love you, Buddy.

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