Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Last Sunday we had lunch at my mom's house with my cousins and their kids.  It was a lot of fun having nowhere else to be and just relaxing out in the sunshine for the greater part of an afternoon.  We dyed Easter Eggs and made human pyramids and just basically caught up with each other.  My mom enjoys doing crafts and this is something she does with our kids every year.  I think it was really nice of her to have everyone over and do it at her house.  We all brought something for lunch and ate a delicious meal before we went outside to dye the eggs.

A couple of days before all this my mom had noticed a bird had built a nest just outside of her porch.  There was an excellent view of the nest from the window and she watched as the mother laid an egg, and then another and then another.  By the following morning there were four eggs total.  Jonathan got some pretty decent pictures of the nest with the three eggs that were in it that afternoon.  We made sure to warn the kids not to get near the nest and especially not to touch it for fear of the mother abandoning the eggs and I got an excited text from my mom the next day when she saw that the mother bird had indeed returned and laid a fourth egg.  It has been an excellent reminder of all things Spring, rebirth, new creations, and the amazing works of our Father.

Here are some pictures from the afternoon.  I hope you enjoy your Easter celebrations wherever you are today and that you feel the presence of a God who can truly bring the dead back to life again.  Happy Easter!

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