Sunday, November 27, 2011

here comes Santa Claus

I kept debating when we'd go to the mall so the kids could visit Santa and I was also dreading the crowds and the pressure to buy some crappy photo package. So naturally when I heard that Santa would be visiting our Krispy Kreme on Saturday (the original Krispy Kreme) we got fancied up and headed on over.  I mean, who needs an excuse to eat a hot, melt-in-your-mouth circle of goodness?  Not me!

Josh was not thrilled, not thrilled at all to be there.  He continually buried his head in Jonathan's neck and every time I said, "Let's go talk to Santa" he would make the most horrible pouty face.  Fortunately, Mrs. Claus was there too and she talked to Josh for a while before we could convince him to go stand with Santa for a photo.  He told her he wanted a basketball.  He never would talk to Santa though.

Julianna, of course spoke to him plenty.  You could tell she was nervous, but she told him she liked Pokemon and he told her to do three things for him.  He said she should be kind and considerate to others, hug her mom and dad, and clean up her room since a couple of elves had told him they'd been tripping over things on their last visit.

Christmas is indeed, the most magical time of the year!  Especially when you don't have to make silly trips to the mall.

For reference:
we obviously didn't take Jules to see Santa in 2006
Visit with Santa 2007
Visit with Santa 2008
Visit with Santa 2009
Visit with Santa 2010

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