Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Julianna loves her music class at school and each day that she goes she always comes home telling me enthusiastically about the song she learned that day or the instrument that she got to play.  A few weeks ago it was a story/song/game about a tiger eye and it involved passing a stone or marble from person to person and having one student guess who had it.  She was trying her hardest to "teach" Josh and I how to play and she closed her eyes and told the two of us to pass it back and forth.  When she finished the song and opened her eyes she guessed excited who she thought held the stone.

"Mom!" she said.

I had sneakily placed the stone on the floor behind Josh's back as he sat there totally uninterested and playing with his Happy Meal toy.  I opened my empty hands to show her that I didn't have it.

"Josh!" she said even more excitedly.

I picked up the rock to show her she was right and then I asked, "Now what?"  She yelled, "I win!"

I said, "But Jules, you thought I had it."

She replied in that voice of annoyance only a child can have, "Moooommmm, you get three guesses!"

Like, DUH.


I had a Groupon for a local burger joint that we discovered had closed so we found ourselves with the need for a new plan.  I was naming all of the places nearby that we could go grab some dinner and Julianna was in the backseat shouting, "Moe's! Moe's!" Both Mom and I were kinda ughhh about that so I said, "What about Zaxby's?"

Julianna argued against it of course so I asked her, "Jules, do you even know what Zaxby's is?"  And she said, "No."

I told her it was a place to get chicken and she replied, "Well, I'm not really a carnivore."

If that wasn't funny enough in itself, then it was really funny when Mom asked her what she had planned to get when we were going out for burgers and she kinda sheepishly chuckled and said, "A cheeseburger."


Julianna:  Mom, upset not only means "to be sad about something" but it also means "to knock something over."

And there was nothing funny about that last one.  It's just that this kid blows my mind every day.  LOVE HER!

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