Saturday, October 13, 2012


Josh, furiously tapping one of those pink big block erasers, "Dad, my remote just won't work!"


I walked into the kitchen the other day to see Julianna holding individual Pokemon cards up to her fish bowl and then hear her describing the various characteristics of each Pokemon to the fish.  She told the fish it was "Happy time."


And finally, a story from one of Julianna's teachers:

One day the teacher's assistant looked over at Julianna sitting at her desk doing individual work and she was slowly, rhythmically wagging her finger back and forth really close to her face and following it with her eyes.  The teacher walked over to her and quietly whispered, "Julianna, what are you doing?"

Julianna rolled her eyes and sighed. Then in a very sarcastic she replied, "I'm trying to hypnotize myself."

The teacher said she just told her, "Let me know if it works!"

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