Wednesday, October 17, 2012

the year i loved

I was thinking the other day about how many foods I've learned to love this year that I've never before even liked.  Apparently, thirty four is the year to learn to love new foods.  I hope to add a few more to the list before the year ends.

  • broccoli (roasted with sea salt and garlic)
  • sweet potatoes (roasted with Parmesan cheese)
  • eggs (preferably scrambled and especially good with veggies and cheese or just with salsa)
  • kale (sauteed with sun-dried tomatoes)
  • blueberries (preferably fresh and especially good on a toasted English muffin with a smear of peanut butter)
  • potato salad
  • cabbage
  • salmon 

And finally, this one's going to sound strange, but put chocolate milk on that list.  Running has really made me love chocolate milk again just like I am a three year old kid.  There's nothing like it after a long run.

What have you learned to love as you've gotten older?  Maybe I will learn to like it too.

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