Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I hope the people at the Little Gym didn’t look at my arm and think I had a drug habit.

I've been spending the evening uploading new pictures and trying not to eat myself out of house and home. What have you been up to?

Jules had her first Little Gym class today. It was pretty funny. There were only two other kids there (summer vacation or something I guess). Anyway, one of them was very timid and stayed near his mom while the other little girl was very energetic and more outgoing. Julianna immediately started following the little girl around everywhere that she went. If this little girl climbed on a mat, Jules climbed on that mat. If the girl went over to the bars, Julianna went to the bars. If the girl played with the balls, Julianna played with the balls (or tried to take hers).

Julianna participated more in this class than she did in the class that we previewed. I guess it will grow on her and she will do more and more as she becomes used to it. They worked on depth perception with the kids today. Each kid got to practice doing a forward roll. She walked on the beam pretty well with just a little bit of assistance. She loved the bubbles being blown on her belly and she also really enjoyed this one part of the class where they got to play with musical instruments. The sticks that you rub or tap together to make rhythms and noises were her favorite especially when the teacher asked them to hammer their nails (I told you she's into "boy" things!).

Of course, she was wiped out in the car. I tried talking to her all the way home to keep her awake for lunch, but no such luck. (My husband can probably totally relate to her not being able to keep her eyes open during my long, one-way conversations.) When she woke up getting out of the car I decided she'd better eat before her nap so I put her in the high chair while I got out the milk and by the time I'd turned around her head was slumped back over! My sweet precious girl!

Tomorrow I am thinking that we'll go to the Y for a little bit and maybe do a walk outside if it's not too hot. Thursday we're going to the Children's Museum for story time and then to the Rib Festival. Happy summer!

Oh! One more thing! Here's a picture of my arm after giving blood yesterday. Since I know you were curious and all.

the red cross sucks

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