Sunday, June 10, 2007

list of the week

Top Ten Things I Enjoyed About the Beach

  1. Seeing Julianna get excited about the garbage truck and playing with her cousin

  2. Lots of yummy food and beverages

  3. Having fun without spending a lot of money

  4. Playing in the water (duh)

  5. Staying up late

  6. Being able to read a very good book

  7. Getting a "Gingy" toy from McDonald's (Come on! You know you love to hear him say "Don't worry! Not my gumdrop button!" a dozen fifteen hundred times.) and a cool hat from Steak 'n Shake (are you jealous yet?)

  8. Walks on the beach and around the plantation

  9. Getting a tan without sunburn

  10. Riding in our new car

YAY! for vacations

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