Monday, June 11, 2007

nuggets from my mind

Here's a random list of things that have been running through my mind.

  • I joined Weight Watchers Online this morning. So basically I have lots of food on my mind.

  • I gave blood today and the dumb lady really screwed up my arm. My blood actually started clotting in the vein and they had to stop it early. It took forever and they probably can't even use the amount I donated and besides I now have a huge, painful bruise on my arm. Wah!

  • No one has yet to join my mom's running group yet and it has been three weeks since I started the group. That makes me sad.

  • Thinking about beginning to potty train the little girl. She's almost 15 months and I know that seems young. I firmly believe that she really understands what's going on though. She has done #2 on the big potty three times now with one of us holding her up. One of those times was after she started going in the shower and on another occasion we didn't quite make it from the shower to the potty in time. The only concern is that she hasn't started telling me or acting like she needs to go right then. By that I mean that she doesn't really mind if she does go in her diaper. She does show every other sign of readiness (she stays dry 2 hours or more, she follows instructions, she can take her diaper off herself, likes to sit on the potty chair, and often wakes up from naps dry). Just thinking it all over.

  • I need a running mantra. Something along the lines of "push hard", "I think I can", or "Every day, in every way, I'm getting better and better and better". But those aren’t “just right”. Anyone have any other suggestions?

  • I joined a local Mom's Group a couple of months ago and I am really excited about it. So many activities on the calendar and so many fun people to meet. I've only been to one playgroup so far, a day at the zoo, and one mom's night out dinner, but it seems to be a really great group of people. Now I've got to get started reading my book for next month's book club!

  • I was trying to sing this song to Jules today but couldn't remember the words. So I just looked it up. Love that song.


Whitney said...

~Good for you for joining WW. I'm proud of you for still being motivated. It is natural to have some low points, but you have done great to stick with it this long.
~Sorry the blood donation didn't work out so well for you, but I liked going as a family. Doing good deeds makes you feel good inside. We should do more as a family. Speaking of, I want to do this
~I would join your mom's running group, but I'm not a mom so I don't think I'm allowed. I am excited about going to the Y next week though. FUN FUN FUN!
~You're a great mom and you'll know when she's ready. No diapers for awhile would be nice, wouldn't it?
~Ooooo, I need a running mantra too. I'll be thinking.
~I wish I had a fun group to join. At least Claire and I are starting a book club. Maybe I'll ask Bailey to join too.
~I guess it runs in the family ;) A your so beautiful...

Her Grace said...

I'm interested in hearing how WW is online. It seems like the 24 hour support would be nice!

I recently took an online emotional eating course. If emotional eating isn't your problem, it won't do you any good, but it is for me and I found it very helpful. Email me if you want the link!

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