Wednesday, June 13, 2007

i told you she liked motor vehicle sounds

As if the motorcycle, "rrmmmmmm, rrrmmmmm" wasn't enough.


Today I was reading Christmas in the Manger for the gazillionth time. [Yes, I know that it is not Christmas time, but my daughter obviously doesn't care.] Julianna was in my lap listening patiently, which can be rare these days.

"I am the star that shines in the east, I light the stable for man and beast," I read calmly and trying hard not to sound exasperated.

"I am the donkey, soft and gray, I carried his mother from far away." She turned the page.

"I am the ram, with my curly horn I guard the stall where the child is born."

Julianna prompty put her arm up at a 90 degree angle, fist clenched by her head and exclaimed, "TOOT! TOOT!!"

1 comment:

Nanna said...

oh she is precious!

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