Sunday, June 17, 2007

list of the week

Good things that happened this weekend:

  • Lots of time spent with family.

  • I successfully completed my first week on Weight Watchers. (5 pounds down! Yay!)

  • Had time to watch a movie (Pan's Labyrinth).

  • Made time to read a little.

  • Went to the Grand Opening Celebration at the new Y.

  • Took two naps. (Who doesn't love naps?)

  • Went to the Y again today and ran. It felt so good. I haven't run in so long.

I wish it weren't almost Monday already. But I'm thankful for a good weekend every now and then.

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A is for beautiful ; good news, bad news said...

[...] News We went to the new Y tonight to a water aerobics class. It was pretty fun. Everyone there was a first timer so the [...]

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