Sunday, October 17, 2010

361 days old

Things I Didn't Know a Year Ago

  • I didn't know this much happiness.
  • I didn't know you HAD to buckle boys into strollers or else they WILL climb out.
  • I didn't know it was complete instinct for a boy to pick up a ball and hurl it across the room.
  • I didn't know Julianna could have such a servant heart.
  • I didn't know how difficult it could be to make a phone call.
  • I didn't know I was going to have to learn to leave the house even earlier for every little appointment
  • I didn't know I could bathe and put to bed two kids at once.
  • I didn't know exactly how quickly I could run down the stairs.
  • I didn't know I could miss my husband so much for so long.
  • I didn't know boys really wouldn't sit still long enough for you to read them a book.
  • I didn't know I could carry a purse, two bookbags, a diaper bag, three lunch boxes, two pairs of shoes, a newspaper, the mail, and a toddler all at once.
  • I didn't know I could love two as much as one.

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