Thursday, October 28, 2010

spellng bee

Julianna loves reading The Berenstain Bear's and the Big Spelling Bee.  She is fascinated withe the concept of a spelling bee and as she learns to spell more and more words she has been quizzing me at night spelling-bee-style. 

She'll pick up an object with words on it that are also illustrated (such as her V-Tech ABC Apple) and call out words to us along with made up definitions.  Then we have to spell the word back to her. 

It's downright hilarious to hear how she describes things.  And the funny thing is that it's a unique definition every time, but here is tonight's version for your reading pleasure.

Ambulance - a way to get when your hurt or emergency
Bus - a way to go to school without a car
Clock - a way to tell time
Dentist - a way to get your teeth looked at or not rotten
Exit - a way out
Fountain - a way to make a wish without having a birthday
Garden - a way to smell flowers without going into the house
Hospital - a way to make you feel better
Insect - a little thing or a bug
Jewelry - something sparkly or something beautiful
Kite - a flying thing or a thing that to get caught in a tree
Library - a way to look at books
Museum - a way to look at cool things
 Newspaper – a way to look at what is happening
Onion – a plant that makes your eyes water when you cut it
Park – a way to swing without going to your house
Quail – a bird that whistles
Railroad – don’t walk on the tracks or you might get run over
School –a way to go somewhere and do writing and work
Train – a thing to carry animals or people on big machines
Umbrella – a way to not get wet when it’s raining outside
Van – a vehicle
Window – a to look out of the house
X-ray – a way to look at your bones
Yoyo – a way to go up and down
Zoo – a way to look at animals


Whitney said...

Incredible! She is so smart!

Anna Ruth said...

So fun! What a smart girl she is.

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