Sunday, October 3, 2010

she may know what injury and traffic mean but she sure doesn't understand ignore

Julianna and I camped out in the tent in our backyard Friday night.  It was actually a pretty nice night to sleep outside.  The weather has turned a lot cooler and our bed of quilts and sleeping bags turned out to be decent for sleeping. 

The only problem was that the cat kept bothering us.  He would climb the tent and pick at it with his claws trying to find a way in.  He was purring so loudly and I think he just wanted a warm place to sleep, but we would just drift off to sleep and then he would scratch, scratch, scratch.

One time I said to Julianna, "Let's just ignore him."  So he left and came back and sure enough Julianna says loudly, "No Simon!" and so I said it again, "Jules, let's just ignore him." 

Now I consider her vocabulary to be pretty good for a four year old.   But her response had me chuckling to myself.  She said, "Mama, what's a nore?"

We made it until 4:30 am and then we came inside. 

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Anna Ruth said...

That great you lastest that long. Her response had me laughing too. I hope Joshua is feeling better today.

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