Monday, October 25, 2010

monday notes

Happy anniversary to the most beautiful bride I've ever seen and the most adored uncle Julianna has ever played Ariel and the SeaWitch with.  I hope you have a marvelous day celebrating and nice quiet dinner together tonight.


You may remember that when Julianna was 3 years old we went to Raleigh to watch my sister run a half marathon. It was there that Jules lost her first tooth prematurely and after talking with the dentist we had her tested for hypophosphatasia which is a really scary condition so don't google it.  She tested fine and all was right in the world.  We thought it was just a random rare occurrence that her tooth would fall out so early.

Anyway, this weekend we discovered that the exact opposite tooth is now very, very loose.  Jonathan took her back to the dentist and the pediatrician this morning and no one knows why she keeps losing teeth.  They looked at all of the lab results from last year and everything looked fine still, nothing that seemed abnormal.  They said we could get her in to see a periodontist and/or an endocrinologist but after talking with the ped she saw no reason to send her there.  Niether the dentist or the ped felt the need to do any additional testing and then the dentist asked her if she'd like them to pull the tooth or let it fall out on it's on.  She chose to leave it.  I'm still very concerned and not sure what will happen.


Poor Joshua had his one year well check today.  He is growing just fine.  He got four shots (vaccines and flu) and was overtired, hungry, and just feeling yucky.  He's still on antibiotics for his ears and the doctor said they looked great.  Nothing to worry about there.

It's times like these that I HATE working full-time.  I wish I could be home with my baby.  But a big thank you goes out to my mom and hubby for running the kids around this morning.


This is random, but does anyone know if there's an email address that you can use to send a status update to your Facebook page?  I've played around in the settings and I can't find it.  Next I'm going to google it, but I thought I'd ask here too.  I know how to update your FB status through Twitter but I don't really want that.  I'm mainly just looking for a way to update my status from here at school where FB is blocked.  ;o)


I just found out that first year teachers don't get annual leave to use.  I have a half day of personal leave.  So should I take a half sick day so that I can take all of Friday off?  Or should I just use my half day?  It's a workday for the end of the quarter and I suspect that there will be no one around.  What say you, friends of the interwebs?

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The Hughes' said...

We are praying for Jules! I would feel unesay too if I were you about them not knowing and not researching any further her condition.

I think there is a way to update your status via text, but if you could have your phone then you could just update from there so I am assuming that, that too is not allowed.

You have a wonderful Husband and Mother, God is so good to surround us working mothers with such wonderful assistance for our babies!

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