Friday, October 1, 2010

getting better

My sweet little boy has been sick.  He hasn't had a fever really, just a runny nose and watery eyes and lots of congestion (which congestion = trouble sleeping at night).  He has been totally inconsolable during the daytime while he is awake and he wants to be held ALL. THE. TIME.  For days, we had seen no signs of our happy, sweet, smiley boy until last night.  Last night he started playing with us at the dinner table.  He would smile and throw his head around in a teasing manner.  I was glad to see even the littlest glimpse of my happy boy again so I took a few pics.

throw your hands up!

No, Mom, you can't have my milk!

No more pictures, please!

OK, maybe one more.

Jonathan says he looks like me when he squishes his nose up like this.  Do I really do that?

More nose squishing but you can't see it behind his cup. 

He finally got the hang of drinking milk out of a cup.

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